Guy is incredible. I have used him and HBIS to inspect five houses for me and I recommend him to all of my family and friends. From Guy's inspections, I have pulled back an offer from one house; gotten asbestos removed; solved electrical problems; and fixed external stucco issues; all of those costs have been borne by the previous owners. With Guy's advice, I have saved close to a hundred thousand dollars in potential house buying mistakes. Guy is honest, hard-working and thorough and I would recommend him to anyone.
Kevin, Mississauga
I wanted to thank you very much for the home inspection you did for me. I have had two inspections done previous to this by different companies but this was by far the most thorough and educational process. I really appreciate the time you took in doing the inspection, but also in explaining to me what was important and how to best address issues that arose. Thank you for also being available at anytime to discuss the inspection and following up – I have never experienced this level of service. I would happily recommend your services to anyone that was interested.
Aly C., Toronto
As first time home buyers we were unsure of what to expect while having a home inspection done. We are extremely thankful that Guy was available to help with his services. He was extremely professional and clear as to what to expect throughout the process. From the initial phone conversation he thoroughly explained what would take place, and made sure everything was understood leaving no questions unanswered. Upon the inspection, Guy was punctual and enthusiastic towards the work that he was to carry out. He carried out the home inspection with great care, and ensured all information he found was relayed to us. Importantly, he did this on a step-by-step basis, which helped to not overload us with too much information, but still was able to convey his concerns. Guy was extremely meticulous with his home inspection, giving us the confidence we needed when making our final decision on our home purchase. Furthermore, he extended his services should we require anything following the home inspection that he could assist with. It was a pleasure working with Guy and not only would we ask to have him inspect our next future home, but we would recommend him to any and everyone who wants an accurate and reliable home inspection.
Cassandra M., Mississauga

Guy, we sincerely appreciate the time and effort you put into the home inspection. As a first time home buyer, I was happy with your thoroughness and attention to detail. We decided to purchase the house and we look forward to what's ahead even though there might be some renovations.

Thanks again. 

Mark E., Toronto

I was all set to buy a house but after Guy did an inspection he pointed out numerous problems that l was not aware of.  After much consideration, l decided to walk away saving thousands of dollars in needed repairs. 

Lawrence S., Hamilton

It was coming up to the second year in my warranty, and I was not sure about getting a home inspector or whether it would be worth it!  I am so glad I chose Guy as he is truly knowledgeable, and spent a great deal of time going through the home.  He was keen to identify areas to my surprise!, that I am sure others would  miss. He explained the report and process in detail and is very easy to talk to and helpful in follow through. It was definitely worth getting Guy's expert opinion and I would recommend him to everyone."

S., Scarborough June 2016

Guy Battaglini was referred to us by my real estate agent. I found Guy was extremely knowledgeable, thorough about the house. He was professional, courteous and very insightful. Guy took the time to explain every aspect of the home inspection process to us and didn’t leave until he made sure we were comfortable with the presentation. He found some deficiency in the house which save me $25,000.00 by reducing the original purchase price. I would wholeheartedly recommend Guy Battaglini to anyone who is looking to buy.

D. D. Vu, Mississauga

My fiancé and I went bright eyed and bushy tailed to our very first home inspection not knowing what to expect. We were both a little nervous and a whole lot excited! Right off the bat, Guy Battaglini arrived promptly and was incredibly friendly, professional and informative. He went through the agreement with us and broke down what everything meant before we began in a way that we could understand and appreciate.

When the inspection began, Guy was sure to examine every nook and cranny in great detail before taking us on a walk through where he explained his findings. Guy was a real trooper inspecting the exterior and going on the roof despite the extreme heat. I particularly liked that he used a tape recorder to note specifics. He spent a lengthy amount of time on every section of the house, and it was evident that not only does he love what he does, but he is committed to providing the best education and service for his clients. I also appreciated the sectional binder with our home on the cover, as well as the detailed report that he provided for us in record time afterward. We definitely felt that we got our money’s worth and more.

I appreciated the way Guy allowed us to be a part of the inspection first hand. He saw that we were interested in what he was doing and always pointed out what he was examining and allowed us to peek around and do so as well to see firsthand what he was talking about. He explained everything so clearly that we came away feeling educated and knowing that we made the best decision possible by having Guy as our home inspector.

Guy is an expert in his field of the highest degree, and not only is he knowledgeable and professional; he is also a super nice person. It is because of his attention to detail, foresight and experience that he was able to see things that we never in our wildest dreams would have imagined was there. We are incredibly grateful to Guy for helping us make an informed decision not to purchase our home due to the major safety hazards that he found that we would never have realized on our own. Thank you Guy for making this experience worthwhile, we will definitely be using you again in the future and we look forward to it! Cheers!

Dennis & Nicole, Mississauga

Mr. Battaglini is a highly tenured home inspector who is also passionate about his profession. He is disciplined and thorough, leaving no stone unturned during the inspection process. This is further reflected in his comprehensive and informative inspection report. Mr. Battaglini will also go the extra mile post home inspection to further investigate any important findings which could impact the home purchase decision. His unbiased and consultative approach allows a client to feel confident in working with a trusted partner throughout the process.

I would not hesitate to recommend Mr. Battaglini’s services.

Anthony, Vaughan

Dear Guy,

I am writing to say thank you for your advice and guidance over the past 3 years.   Your assistance in guiding me through several projects (roofing, insulation, basement work etc) over the past years has been invaluable to me.

As a senior citizen I find it difficult dealing with contractors, knowing exactly what should be done and who are the right people to do it.   You were there for me guiding me through, overseeing the contractors work ensuring everything was done properly.    I couldn't have got through it all without your help.

It certainly is a pleasure working with you Guy and gives me peace of mind knowing I have someone I can trust to guide me through the various projects which become necessary as my home ages!

I will be calling on your services again as future work needs to be done knowing you will assist in your extremely professional manner.

Again, Guy, I appreciate your assistance and thank you ever so much and I would highly recommend you to anyone wanting assistance and guidance with their home maintenance.

Doreen Jackson, Mississauga

“We’ve used Guy Battaglini on two separate occasions and were as pleasantly satisfied the second time as we were the first!  Guy is so detail oriented as he takes the time to walk you through the entire process from the moment you connect with him until the job is fulfilled – crossing every “T” and dotting every “I”.  There’s no doubt he’ll remain our ONLY choice for home inspections!”

Mike G., Milton

As first-time buyers, the prospect of purchasing a property was quite daunting. The service we received from HBIS helped put us at ease. Guy Battaglini's thoroughness and guidance truly allowed us to make the right purchase and settle into the right home for us. We highly recommend this service and would certainly consult HBIS again for future purchases.

Linton & Jocelyn S., Markham

"My experience with "Home Buyer's Inspection Service" was outstanding. I gained a wealth of information on my new home that I would have otherwise been oblivious to. My home inspector pointed out a lot of things that as a home buyer, I would have never known, and saved me and my family a ton of money. The knowledge gained in the home inspection process with my inspector, Guy Battaglini, was well worth learning. He was very detailed, patient, and he answered all of my questions regarding the inspection and my new home. He inspected every inch of my home from top to bottom, inside and out. It was well worth the time spent going over all aspects of the property. I would recommend Guy to anyone who needs a home inspection done. They'll be glad I did, guaranteed! Thank you Guy."

Marco P., Mississauga

When you think of buying a new home you don’t expect to find a lot of problems. After completing my pre-delivery inspection I found some issues that concerned me. I decided to contact Guy of HBIS to complete a full home inspection and prepare my 30-Day Tarion Report. I found his professionalism and attention to detail during the inspection process to be second to none, not to mention a real educational experience!!! He found issues that I never would have given a second thought to. The home inspection service was very useful and paid for itself in the repairs that the builder needed to make. I would not hesitate to recommend Guy of HBIS to anyone who needs a home inspection. Thank you for a job well done!!!

R.R., Markham

By way of introduction, I am an International Civil engineer working towards obtaining my PEO license, my husband working with Ontario government in the information technology section.

A few years back I attended Humber College for engineering related studies, one of the subjects was Ontario building code, and Guy Battaglini was my instructor.

During the course he demonstrated concepts by showing several video clippings and pictures as examples from his inspection sites and other reliable sources; this was primarily to enhance our understanding of the building code.

His up-to-date knowledge in Ontario's building code and expertise in home inspection earned our confidence in having him as our home inspector.

Around this time, my husband and I entered into a purchase agreement with a builder to buy a brand new home and Guy agreed to become our home inspector.

On the day of the Pre-delivery with the builder and 30 Day Inspection, he found many issues with the house and luckily all of them were minor, but two of them are worth mentioning as it demonstrated to us Guy's initiative and ownership of his work.

The first issue involved the basement stairs. Surprisingly the builder initially refused to address inadequate framing support for the stairs landing stating that the issue reported does not violate the building code. We informed Guy about the builder's decision and he mentioned that he would like to speak to the builder about the concerns with the inadequate support as it related to the code.  When we informed the builder about our conversation with Guy, the next day the builder fixed the issue.

The second issue was with the HRV. Guy pointed out the safety concern with the exhaust grille being too close to the gas meter. The builder re-located the exhaust grille however it lessened the distance required between the exhaust and intake. Guy contacted the manufacturer of the HRV and explained the situation and got assurance from the manufacturer that the installation will not create any issues.

After the inspection, Guy provided a detailed report and instructions on how to post the report to Tarion. Recently he also helped us with our one year home inspection.

When we look back, we are glad that we took the right decision in getting help from Guy as our home inspector.

We strongly recommend Home Buyer's Inspection Services (Guy Battaglini) for your next home inspection needs.

We wish Guy all the best.

Sanju T and George M, Clarington, Ontario

"Guy was very professional and thorough. He was recommended by a member of my family and I am glad I took the recommendation and called him. He was very friendly and on time for the appointment. As part of the inspection of the townhouse he checked everything down to the doorknobs and ventilator fans. He identified several things a new homeowner like myself did not know to look for. After his inspection, he took my wife and I through a tour of the house and explained what he found. He even took pictures inside the attic to show us what it looked like. We received a full inspection report within one day of the inspection. I would definitely recommend Guy to anyone who needs a home inspection. "

Steve F, Mississauga

Guy's help was indispensable when I had him do an inspection on a house I had placed an offer on in Toronto. To start with, I had a colleague recommend him as he knew that Guy actually had done some teaching in home inspection. I figured I would get the best inspection from someone with such a background and I was right. Guy after his inspection of the house, filled out detailed paper work that he always gives to clients, and then went through the entire house with me pointing out everything he had checked, commenting on all strengths and weaknesses. The long and short is that without Guys help, I would have purchased a house not knowing that I would have needed to spend an additional 50 to 100 thousand dollars renovation work to make it livable.....more money than I could afford. I walked away from this house and I am thankful for Guy's expertise in helping me make a well informed decision. I would have gotten myself in "way over my head" without such a professional inspection. On top of this, Guy was extremely personable and friendly, which made the whole experience even more positive. I obviously would recommend Guy to anyone wanting the best possible home inspection.

David C., Owen Sound

I was very impressed with Guy Battaglini from Home Buyer's Inspection Services Inc. He was very professional, well spoken, and thorough. He took his time to examine and test every corner of the house we placed a bid on. During our walk though at the end of the home inspection, he was very patient and explained all the pros and cons of the house to my wife and I. Seeing as this was our first home and our house knowledge is limited, this was a huge benefit for us, in getting to know the real issues we would face.

I highly recommend Guy and Home Buyer's Inspection Services Inc. if you are looking for a precise and thorough inspection of your potential new or existing residence. I have recommended Guy to all my family and friends.

Alex F., Mississauga

"Guy did excellent job on my 30 some years old property. He took further steps beyond the book, tried to unveil the real conditions as best as he can, who also give me plenty advices on how to maintain a healthy house. We started at 9 am in the morning and finished at 2pm. After the whole day climbing up and down, he was able to give me a thorough report at the night, a very knowledgeable person and extreme hard worker. Highly recommend!

Chris Li, North York

Great job Guy!.. truly appreciate your dedication and commitment to our home inspection. Very thorough and detailed. You spent hours looking into aspects we had no clue about. Having your guidance helped us to learn a lot about the home we now own. Thank you!

G. Dewan, Richmond Hill