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Resource Library - Home Buyer’s Inspection Services Inc.

Home. For most of us - the very word conjures up feelings of safety, comfort and shelter to name a few. It is important to understand that the home is a series of integrated systems that are interdependent, and how a fundamental breakdown of any one system can affect the entire home therefore compromising the very feelings we have of being safe, comfortable and sheltered.

The Resource Library is designed to help build your knowledge and awareness of various aspects of the home through online links, books, articles and more.

The Links to the websites listed, provide information about the home as well as connect you to professionals who can assist you should you require guidance and advice for repair / replacement of any systems / components of your home.

The Inspection Gallery is intended to provide you with insight into the inspection, and the varying degrees of defects that we look for that might affect you health wise, budget wise or both and again compromise those feelings we mentioned above.

This Resource Library will be an ever evolving entity so check back often for more photos, articles, links, books to read, industry trends and more. We endeavour to keep you engaged and to educate you about your most valuable investment.