Home Improvement Inspection

Home Improvement projects require a plan, a budget and professional contractors to perform the work. The scope of your project may vary and can range from having your roof re-covered to your insulation upgraded. Whatever the scope, the common concern is wishing you had the time to oversee the project to ensure you get what you paid for and without shortcuts.

Let our experience in managing projects be an asset for you in the successful completion of your project. We will help you with contractors’ quotes, inspect, photograph, videotape and document the various phases the project may encompass. Should any issues arise during the course of the project, we will report back to you immediately so they can be addressed before continuing to the next phase. Upon completion of your project you will receive all photos, video and documentation relating to the project for future reference.

(Project selection is at the discretion of Home Buyer’s Inspection Services Inc. based on resource availability and project complexity)