Home Maintenance Inspection

Buying and owning a place you can call home is a comforting thought for anyone. However, to live in it successfully over time, it is essential that you have an understanding of how the systems and components of the home function and work together and, know the maintenance and servicing that is required keeping them operating safely and efficiently for years to come.

Our Home Maintenance Inspections are performed in the same manner as our Pre-Purchase home inspections, following the same process and inspecting the same systems and components of the home.

We will provide you with our customized inspection report, photographs and videos and a walkthrough of your home explaining our findings. You’ll learn how the systems and components of your home work as well as be advised of any maintenance, repair or replacement required to be performed by a licensed contractor.

In addition to the report, you will also receive a customized annual maintenance plan designed to help you with scheduling your maintenance for years to come so you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your house is safe and comfortable to live in.

Please allow 24 to 48 hours turnaround for the report when booking your inspections.