Pre-Offer Inspection

In a multiple offer environment where your offer cannot be tied to conditions, Real Estate Professionals will sometimes arrange to have Pre-Offer Home Inspections performed so you can make an educated offer if you so choose to engage in the bidding process of that property.

Our Pre-offer Home Inspections are performed in the same manner as our Pre-Purchase home inspections, following the same process and inspecting the same systems and components of the home.

If you are considering conducting the home inspection yourself or have a family member inspect it for you – keep in mind that it may be difficult to remain unemotional and completely objective throughout the process which may cause you or your family member to overlook and/or minimize the condition the home is in.

Therefore, we encourage you to consider the benefits of a Quality Professional Home Inspection performed by Home Buyer’s Inspection Services and never forego your option in having a home inspection performed when conditions of sale do not allow for them.