Pre-Purchase Inspection

A Pre-Purchase Inspection is the most common of all inspections offered and is an integral part of the Real Estate Transaction when buying a home. This means that the offer to purchase is conditional upon a home inspection and conditions are mechanisms that provide you with a way out of the contract if something is not to your satisfaction.

In multiple offer situations, inspection conditions are most often required to be waived from the offer if you wish to bid on the home. This is inherently risky because you may end up with repairs that could potentially burden you with insurmountable costs and ultimately a bad investment.

If you are considering conducting the home inspection yourself or have a family member inspect it for you – keep in mind that it may be difficult to remain unemotional and completely objective throughout the process which may cause you or your family member to overlook and/or minimize the condition the home is in.

Therefore, we encourage you to consider the benefits of a Quality Professional Home Inspection performed by Home Buyer’s Inspection Services and never forego your option in having a home inspection performed when conditions of sale do not allow for them.