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Every new home built in Ontario by Registered Builders comes with a New Home Warranty Provided by Tarion Corporation. Tarion’s mandate is to administer the Ontario New Homes Warranty Plans Act which outlines the warranty protection that new home builders are legislated to provide to their customers. Warranty deficiencies noted during the inspection can be Construction Performance and/or Building Code related.

Construction Performance Related Deficiencies

Tarion has developed the Construction Performance Guidelines which sets out the minimum performance required in the construction of new homes in Ontario with respect to workmanship and materials deficiencies, and uses the guidelines to determine whether or not a deficiency will be covered by the statutory warranty.

Building Code Related Deficiencies

Building Code deficiencies relate to the structural integrity and health and safety requirements of the home as per the Ontario Building Code. It is important to note that where any Construction Performance Guideline is not consistent with the Building Code the Building Code prevails.

Our years of experience in performing New Home Warranty Inspections coupled with our extensive knowledge of the Building Code, Tarion’s Construction Performance Guidelines and the Tarion Warranty Process provides you with peace of mind knowing you will receive a comprehensive warranty inspection.

We provide you with our customized warranty report which is supplemented with pictures so you know which warrantable items are associated with each area of the home. It also helps you to compare the builder’s repair to the warrantable deficiency to help you determine if the repair is satisfactory. If you are at all in doubt – you can always contact us for assistance – we’re happy to help.

You can submit your Tarion forms along with our customized report for processing, by faxing, mailing or using Tarion’s new online MyHome Account Service. This saves time, eliminates errors in transcribing information and helps the Builder’s Customer Service Department organize and expedite the trades to repair the deficiencies.

For added value and peace of mind and at no extra cost to you we offer you assistance in submitting your warranty forms along with our customized report and, provide phone support to assist you with any questions you have in managing your warranty claim for the warranty inspection we performed on your home.

For a nominal retaining fee - we offer Site Supervised Inspections when the trades come to repair the 30 Day and 1 Year warrantable items. This means you can go to work and not have to book holidays or use up sick days in order to be home. If you are going to be home but still wish to have us oversee the repairs, that works too.

Our clients have found this to be an invaluable service when having the warrantable items repaired because:

  • We are familiar with the warrantable item
  • We speak the trades’ language
  • Having us present ensures the repairs are done without short cuts
  • We will provide you with a status report at the end of each day or repair phase so that you are informed of what was done and by whom
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Conciliation Inspections by Tarion if required are charged on a per hour basis. Visits to the home after the initial visit, except for Site Supervised inspections, will be charged on a per hour basis.

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